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High cpu usage - v15 agent on RHEL 5.6


We have a RHEL 5.6 server which is regularly using upwards of 98% cpu

The monitoring has created a large number of incidents for high cpu this year.

Just automatically upgraded the agent from v13.1 to v15 - no change to cpu.

Any ideas?


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Level 6 Flexeran

Hi Smitty987,
First things - I'd suggest opening a ticket, just to get our Support on this ASAP in case there is a problem with our technology. This may save some time and it can be closed easily enough.

Then debug - check the processes that are running the CPU high, and a profile of that (how long it is at 98%, what processes, etc.) - add this to the ticket. Did the previous agent version cause a similar problem? Did the upgrade complete successfully (check logs). Was any sort of restart (unlikely, I know) required? Has there been a restart since upgrade (shouldn't be necessary). Can you stop and restart the services and if so, does the condition re-occur? Does it only occur on this server, or is it something you have seen across all the upgrades on this OS?

I'd image you've done a few of these already, so I would collect all of that and add it to the ticket and have our Support look at it. That's what they are there for and they will have more experience than I do!

Hope this helps 

Bob M

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