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Getting Data in SCCM & Installer, File Evidences Have Matches but No Usage Data in FNMS

By Anonymous
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We are currently working on reclamation process for one Software titled "EmTec Innovative Software ZOC Terminal (32 and 64 bit) 7.25.8".

Recently we encountered a problem where we found the below figures:

1. SCCM Report: 347 devices (100% from same month i.e. May, 2022)

2. Installer Evidence: 768 matches

3. File Evidence: 680 matches

4.  FNMS>Devices>"Last Used Date": No Information


The SCCM rule was created 2 weeks back with the same executable filename as like as File Evidence (Executable FIlename: "ZOC.EXE"). However, we are getting usage information in SCCM but zero data in FNMS.


Please assist and help us to understand as well as to resolve this issue!


Many thanks in advance!


Best regards,

Sourav Sengupta

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If you open up one of the "ZOC Terminal" applications and look at the File Evidence tab, you will most likely see that the File Evidence tab is empty.  In order to "recognize" software usage, the EXEs that generate usage for an application must be defined on the File Evidence tab with a recognition rule of 'Not Recognized'.

You can manually update your Installed Application records for ZOC and add the EXEs (with the correct File Name, Publisher Name and Version.

You can also submit a request to Support to have the ARL updated for these applications.

Hi @kclausen ,

Thank you very much for your quick response and support!

We already have installer evidence and file evidences updated. There we have multiple file evidences and among them, one has 680 matches. We added them while creating the SCCM rule and they are updated as "Not for Recognition".