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Flexnet Not Counting SCCM Client License


We are a Microsoft Office 365 E3 environment. Our license report shows we are at risk for SCCM client licenses. I know SCCM client licenses are included in our Microsoft Office 365 E3 subscription. The number of SCCM client licenses we are at risk for approximates the number of O 365 subscriptions. We've entered all our O 365 purchases and renewals with the appropriate SKU numbers as furnished by our vendor.

Why is Flexnet showing us as "at risk" for SCCM Clients? Shouldn't it account for SCCM client licensing from our O 365 subscriptions?

Thank You

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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


A few questions:

  • Is it a license which was created from the O365 adapter?
  • Or was it created manually?
  • What's the license type?

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Answers in Red

  • Is it a license which was created from the O365 adapter?
    • No
  • Or was it created manually?
    • Manually
  • What's the license type?
    • Software Subscription

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If you go to the Application tab of your O365 license, you can add the "SCCM Client" software title and make this part of the 365 license bundle.  This should then cause your installs of the SCCM Client to consume against your O365 license.


Thank you for your response.

We shall give this a try.

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