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Flexnet Manager Suite Batch Process Scheduler service goes down during reconciliation

Hi team


We have an implementation of Flexera where the Flexnet Manager Suite Batch Process Scheduler service goes down during reconciliation on a regular basis.  I am not able to explain this.  This means every time we complete the reconciliation, I need to manually start the service.  Any thoughts on why this would be the case?



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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


You could start looking at the logs, maybe increase the log level from INFO to DEBUG (see "BatchProcessor.config").

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Hi flexeranoob,

I am experiencing the same issues on my side, we have a 3 server installation, was wondering if you managed to resolve your issue?

no resolution.  We have two Flexera instances.  Earlier this was happening only in one. Now, its happening in both.

Have you managed to resolve this

No.   our reconciliation takes a long time (over 50 hours) and they seem to be related.  We have raised a ticket for reconciliation. 

Any resolution as yet?

No resolution yet


Any resolution as yet

Our reconciliation time has gone down, and this stopped happening automatically. 

What was the resolution

As i mentioned there is no specific solution to Batch Process Scheduler.  Our reconciliation time decreased which fixed it automatically.  Here is what we did to reduce recon time


In Task Scheduler. 

  1. To Set the parameter, Configure the schedule Inventory import and reconcile task with --nooptional parameter.

This will help reduce time in subsequent runs.

@flexeranoob - can you provide the full parameter