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Flexera to support more platforms


We are looking for an opportunity to use FNMS for IBM as well, however we are lacking support from Flexera for 

  1. IBMi
  2. DataPower appliences

Is this something other companies in this forum is also looking for? If so, please respond to this message and let's see how many of us are looking for this. The more we are...

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Hi @KMaria 

1.  Do you mean IBM iSeries?

2. Appliances are typically black boxes.  Be it Oracle PCA hosts, IBM, Avaya telephony devices - those devices do not allow 3rd party software installation, and hence by there nature do not require software inventory.



Yes, I mean IBM ISeries, and this is what I am looking for. Are we several customers that are looking for Flexera to support this platform or not

there is no IBMi agent.  

ILMT v9 does have a way to integrate with FNMS which would allow for the inventory to arrive in FNMS.


The appliance question is one that is hard to solve.  Appliances often will not allow for agents to be installed, but the IBM appliances (especially when virtual) will consume PVU and therefore need to be inventoried.

Yes as you say, they consume PVU and therefore need to be inventoried. Is this something that Flexera is looking into? and is there a need from other customers?

We also have a need to connect and inventory our iSeries servers as they do have PVU based products installed on them.  Even ILMT has a special way to capture the information through a special scanner.  Can we feed this information in FNMS?  If yes, where can I find information about this?


This online documentation page  outlines specifics for the ILMT integration options, please be aware of the different DB2 vs. SQL Server ILTM options.


Appliances are a undocumented hole in FMMS for both allowing an organization to make business decisions about the appliances and answering auditors during an audit. They are still viewing them as hardware assets and the asset registry should track, without accepting the change in technology and the use of virtual appliances. I have PVU, RVU, device, core and unlimited use virtual appliances. FNMS will always fail on the PVU measurement since the built in adapter for gathering vCenter information drops these devices at import so you will not be able to show the history of these devices to meet IBM PVU sub-capacity requirements. As for the other license types, you can create a spreadsheet that you manually maintain and create a business adapter import run on a schedule to keep the data up to date. If you do not do this, you will need to build and maintain the spreadsheet to send to auditors to explain why these devices are missing the the FNMS reports while they show up in the vCenter export they the auditor will request. While these devices will be unmanaged, due to lack of obtaining empirical data as to what they are and due, they need to be objects that can be found by the vCenter adapter and manually assigned to a license for better business reporting and the ability to allow business decision makers better trust the data presented.