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FlexNet Manager for SAP ports required overview per server role

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Hello can Flexera support, engineering please share the following:

An overview with exact ports needed for FlexNet Manager® for SAP. Seperated by FNMS Server Role, like Beacon server, web UI processing etc.  Including one way or bi-directional

I am thinking of the following:

SAP SOAP Webserver



SAP admin module 


Basicly all SAP components .  I have used them with single or 2 server setup but now need it for seperated server roles and also please include this overview in the SAP installation guide.

Thanks and Regards


(3) Replies

Hi Ronald,

Please find attached data flow document that includes communication ports.



Diggesh H Joshi

HI Diggesh, Thanks
This looks nice. Altough it helps. I wonder if it is complete and 100% correct? For example it mentioned: rfc/sns+rfc connectiions to beacon. But you must mean from Admin module to Beacon?

Cheers Ronald

Hi Ronald,

Thanks for the feedback on the flaw diagram.  I see the confusion while reading "RFC/SNC+RFC to beacon" . This must be "RFC/SNC+RFC From beacon". I will get it corrected.   This is from beacon to Admin Module or Independent SAP systems where we enable SNC Connectivity between beacon and Admin module or other SAP systems. 

I hope this helps.



Diggesh H Joshi