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FlexNet Beacon "unable to load Azure Powershell"


I'm trying to connect a beacon to Azure, but although the server has all the required access, the FlexNet Beacon displays that error (cf screen 1)

Problem is, PowerShell seems to be installed (cf screen 2).

Does anyone have a clue on how to solve this ?

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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

This error suggests that one or more of the following prerequisite PowerShell modules are not installed:

  1. AzureRM.Compute
  2. AzureRM.Profile
  3. AzureRM.Network
  4. AzureRM.Resources

The easiest way to get these modules installed is normally to execute the following PowerShell command (as per :


Install-Module -Name AzureRM



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Thank you for your answer, I'll try that
Hello Chris,

Still working on those modules, actually I couldn't install them : our serveur is a beacon that is not connected to the Internet, hence the PowerShell command fails to dowload the module.

I'm looking for another way to download and install it (maybe manually.) Do you have any suggestion ?



Maybe I'm missing something obvious here, but even if you got the required Azure modules installed on it how is this supposed to work on a "beacon that is not connected to the Internet" as you state it? (The beacon wouldn't be able to connect to Azure then, or...?)


Hello @JohnSorensenDK 

You're right, we need some context here.

Althoug this beacon is not direcly connected to the Internet, it can still reach Azure through an internal proxy.

I hope that makes things more understandable.

Hi @pvialart! In the link that @ChrisG sent originally ( under "Installation Options" there is "Manual Downloads" tab from which the Nuget package for this utility can be downloaded. You can then use PowerShell to install from this package using the information provided by Microsoft found here

Hope that helps!


Hi @bheadley
Thank you so much, I shoul've read the whole page ! I'll definetely try that.