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FlexNet Agent Alerts

Good day

Does anyone have a way or a tool that can monitor if FlexNet Agents has stopped and send out alerts as well as sending alerts if there are errors in the installation.log, policy.log and tracker.log.

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Level 10 Champion

@IronManMK10 There is nothing native to Flexera that will provide that level of detail for the agents. My recommendation would be to develop a PowerShell script to periodically check for the agent's service status and restart it if it is stop. Additionally you could include other functions in the script to check the registry for beacon entries and/or zip up logs and place them in a share drive for you to review.

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Another way to considering approaching this would be from the "server" side: monitor Last Inventory Date values as tracked in FlexNet Manager Suite/Flexera One ITAM. Any computer record which has an old date but otherwise expected to be active is a candidate for follow-up.

Monitoring the data that ends up in the system will potentially pick up a wider range of failure modes than just monitoring the operation of the agent itself.

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