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File evidence through Cognos/My Analytics reporting

Evidence reporting isn't available in standard FNMS reporting. Reasons understood.

Playing through My Analytics/Cognos reporting, however, makes me wonder if I'm close.

  1. Set source to FlexNet Manager Platform Reports
  2. FNMP>Operational Objects>Software Title (Application)....
    1. different levels of install and file evidence table fields available here.
    2. drag-drop them into your report frame to the right
  3. FNMP>Operational Objects>Computer......
    1. drag-drop Computer fields into the frame on the right

You might expect that the output of this report might show you a list of individual bits of evidence found on each machine, within the context of how you set any filters.

Ex. show me all computer names with file evidence Java.exe 8% AND 9%

The output of this, however, doesn't logically join the computer and evidence. It just gives a side-by-side list of the top level tables themselves. Is this a dead end or am I on to something?


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AFAIK the Flexera's Analytics data models don't include the required details to be able to match file evidence with the compliance computers on which it was discovered. FYR, the link is in InstalledFileEvidence Table and you would as such have to work with the compliance database schema directly from Analytics to get started.


Hi @jq3i4h9u 

As stated by @JohnSorensenDK , yes you can connect to the compliance data schema using cognos -  so you could show any data from the compliance db.

So your actual challenge is to get the query right - and you can do that straight in SQL.

Here is an example of evidence reporting that you can adapt.  Do be careful to mange the volume of results which could be problematic.



Nico and John, thank you. There is a curve ball in my situation, however, in that we are a Cloud customer. I don't think we can apply the SQL example to our instance.


That's correct, and you're also limited to the Flexera Analytics data models then...

I would recommend that you raise your needs through the ideas portal, e.g. that Flexera extends its API's to facilitate the data extraction required for your use cases (and please make sure to include the business value of it to your organization) or add your vote and your comments to Getting Custom reports Using API .


By Level 3 Flexeran
Level 3 Flexeran

Based on the user session, a test report was created to view the data elements. 
Objective was to use the file name provided by file evidence and identify computers associated with that file name.

First query was built from: FNMP>Operational Objects>Software Title (Application)> Software Title File Evidence Link and File Evidence. 
Data Items in the query: File Evidence. FileEvidenceID, File Evidence.File Name, Software Title File Evidence Link.FileEvidenceID, Software Title File Evidence Link.SoftwareTitleID, Software Title File Evidence Link.Version

Second query was built from: FNMP>Operational Objects>Computer> VM Host Installation Link
Data Items in the query: VM Host Installation Link.SoftwareTitleID, VM Host Installation Link.InstalledSoftwareID, VM Host Installation Link.Computer Name, VM Host Installation Link.Last Used Date

A final query was created by joining these two above queries using an inner join on SoftwareTitleID. This final query contained data items from the above queries. 
On a side note: To test if the queries are bringing the correct results, always use filtered data set so that it is easier to test the intial query set-up with the filtered data set.