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Failures processing discovery and inventory uploads

On our Prod Application servers System Health Dashboard widget we continually see the following error message about ndi files from our Dev Application and Beacon server:

ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.InventoryOutOfDate: Ignoring out of date Inventory. Inventory Date: 8/3/2020 12:11:01 AM; Last processed inventory HWDate: 8/3/2020 12:11:01 AM SWDate: 8/3/2020 12:11:01 AM ServicesDate: 8/3/2020 4:00:08 PM VMwareServicesDate: 8/3/2020 4:00:08 PM, OracleVMManagerDate 8/3/2020 4:00:08 PM at ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.DatabaseImport.AssertInventoryIsNewer(InventoryReport lastSaved, Inventory file, DateTime fileDate) at ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.DatabaseImport.Begin(InventoryImportSession session) at ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.Implementation.RootNodeProcessor.HandleElement() at ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.Implementation.BaseElementNodeProcessor.Process(InventoryImportSession session) at ManageSoft.Inventory.Importer.InventoryImporter.Import(String importType, Stream inputStream, Boolean isGzipped, String sourceIdentifier, String targetFilename, MGSLicenseTermCheckResult licenseCheckResult, ImportProcessingStats& stats, IDispatcherPreferences preferences)


The number of records vary but is is generally 20-25 a day but sometimes more


Both of these servers have the beacon installed on them so the flexera agent is installed by default and generates a ndi file that gets consumed by the Dev App server. In order to have the Dev servers also report in the Prod environment we copy the ndi file generated from these servers to one of the Prod beacons for consumption. 


When I disable the process that copies the ndi files to a Production beacon the error's stop but then the inventory records for these servers become stale


There is no other process that I can tell that is replicating an inventory file over to the Prod environment  (I have looked for any scheduled tasks on these servers, zero touch tasks, Discovery & Inventory rules on the Prod server that might include these machines as targets) but can't find anything that would be causing this error.


Has anyone else seen this or have any idea's as to what I could check to see what is causing these errors?




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Community Manager

Take a look at the following thread for some discussion on the typical sequence of events that will result in these messages being logged: Failure Processing Inventory Upload

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I would agree that this common message and nothing really to be concerned about however I have told the client this and they continue to ask what the reason it is happening as we get the same messages multiple times daily only for the same two machines (the dev Flexera App and Beacon servers)


These servers that are always connected to the network (server monitoring team would be alerted if they continually went off network). As mentioned the the only way the ndi files from these servers gets uploaded to the the prod servers for processing is via a batch that copies the ndi file from a the dev servers to a prod beacon. If the device was not connected to the network to copy the ndi file the job would be failing also which we see no evidence of that either.


I will open a ticket with support to see what they are able to come up with




@szernicke1 What response do you got in the support ticket for this issue?

@ChrisG Do you have any new updates on this issue?

@AjaykumarPatil - I don't believe anything has changed in relation to these types of messages. The comments I referred to earlier are still accurate - in short, these messages are fairly normal to see from time to time and on their own are typically not anything to be concerned about.

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Thanks for the updates @ChrisG