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FNMS "Created By" PO

When creating a Purchase Order a "Created by" value is being set and shown accordingly within the "All Purchases" view. 

When adding a new Purchase Order line to a Purchase Order by another user/account, both line items still represent the initial user/account that created the overall PO. 

However, when opening the new Purchase Order line and switch to the "history" tab, the "Created by" values are adapted to the user who created the new line and do not represent the initial creator. 

Somehow it seems odd that the new user for the new lines is not displayed within the "All Purchases" view. 

Is this "as degined" or is this a flaw? 

KR, Matthias van Beeren

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It sounds like the "Created By" value shown on the All Purchases view is coming from the Purchase Order record and not from the PO Line.  That would explain what you are seeing.



I can relate to that but is this "by design" because it tends to create some confusion when reporting about processed PO's (Lines). 



@matthias_van_b_1  - Since that is the way it is currently working, then I assume that this is "by design".  Unfortunately, I also looked in the Reporting Wizard, and the Created By is only available for the PO and not the PO Line as well.

You may want to submit an IDEA to have the Created By field for the PO Line available for viewing and reporting.

For reference, there is a Known Issue article which sounds related to this:

Created By values on the All Purchases page show the date a purchase order was created, while Created By values shown on the history tab of individual purchases show when the purchase line was created (IOJ-2190318)

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