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FNMS at service providers

By Level 8 Champion
Level 8 Champion

Hello, I am wondering if anyone has some experience with FNMS at Service providers. The plan is to build an AD connector that assigns licenses based upon AD group membership. I have the challenge to handle hundreds of AD and different AD application groups with no naming convention. How would you handle this? Does anyone have dealt with similar situations at service providers?


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By Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager
An approach to explore may be to add a custom property to license records which identifies the AD group name(s) associated with that license, and then configure an import process to read group membership information from AD then create & delete allocations to licenses based on matching the group names stored in the custom property.
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Thanks for your help Chris.

Unfortunate this doesn't help solving my actual issue. For example if I have different Visio versions and editions. This would mean i need to create a custom property for each version and edition. 

The challenge I have is that each customer has his own AD and naming convention or no standard. So this means an translation for each item. I am trying to find a way to automate this some how, but this is complicated as there is no standard or logic.