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FNMS-ILMT Integration only for comparison

By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hi All

One of our customers wants to see the comparison between ILMT and FNMS reports.

So, is it possible to integrate ILMT with FNMS 2019R1 (on Prem) without impacting any existing ibm related data/reports in fnms ? 

Strictly FNMS agents will be the primary source for sub cap licensing. But just want to compare both fnms and ilmt reports.

However, FNMS documenation says - 'As long as you have ILMT as an inventory source, FlexNet Manager Suite does provide a report (in Reports mode) with which you can compare the sub-capacity results calculated by the two products'

Does it mean if FNMS as inventory source, cant we get the same comparison report?


Rajesh Ponnala

integration to ILMT 


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Hi Rajesh,

What is meant here is that you can use the following standard IBM PVU License Consumption report in FNMS for comparing results. This report can be found in the following folder in the "Reports" section of the FNMS Web UI:

Reports > License Compliance > Compliance > License Positions from FlexNet Manager and ILMT

Using this report, you can compare:

  • IBM PVU consumption results calculated by FNMS with
  • IBM PVU consumption results are imported together with Hardware and Software Inventory data from the IBM PVU data source.

Hi @statler 

Thanks for the response and yes, I got that.

But customer doesnt want to compare manually. Instead want to use the report - "License Positions from FlexNet Manager and ILMT".

To achieve this planning to integrate with ILMT but expecation is that - it should not impact/effect existing IBM data/reports.


Rajesh Ponnala

Hi Rajesh,

IBM PVU consumption data calculated by ILMT will be imported during the Inventory import into FNMS for viewing purposes. FNMS has read-only access to ILMT data only. Running the report in FNMS will not have any impact on existing IBM data/reports.

The report will display both the PVU consumption data calculated by ILMT as well as the PVU consumption data calculated by FNMS for comparison.