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FNMS Cloud - Difference between Perpetual and Subscription


I have both subscription and perpetual license for one software. Is there any way we can find out with the users using which type of license from FNMS Cloud. 


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Re: FNMS Cloud - Difference between Perpetual and Subscription

It is likely the answer to this question will be "no", or at least "not easily": in many situations where software is sold on either a perpetual or subscription basis, the installation footprint of the software is the same in either case and you can't identify the type of license being used based on looking at an installation. However the answer will really depend on the details of the software in question.

Ignoring FlexNet Manager Suite (i.e. imagine you did not have FNMS), how would you identify which type of license a particular user is using? If you can answer this question, it may possibly help to determine how FNMS may be able to help with automating that process.
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Re: FNMS Cloud - Difference between Perpetual and Subscription

@ChrisG  Thanks!  I had a follow up question, though slightly different.  For Autodesk, we have both network/stand alone licenses.  Is there are a way to determine which machines have a standalone license? 

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Re: FNMS Cloud - Difference between Perpetual and Subscription

This would only work if you are using a different installation process, like you are not using the identical installer and/or serial number for the activation for both "network" and "stand alone" installations.

You will need some piece of evidence that can be collected by the Flexera agent that you can use to differentiate between the different installation types.

Re: FNMS Cloud - Difference between Perpetual and Subscription


From installation point of view, FNMS can not tell what license type it is.

While we can see both network/standalone installations in 'Installed Applications' page, FNMS can only link to standalone license, when we import purchase order (with sku). However, network installation is out of scope for FNMS, because it can not identify/manage concurrent license at all.

So in simple words, the entitlements decides which license is installed. If there is no entitlement, it will go into unauthorized installations (should be classified as in applications)


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