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Good day

On an on-prem instance of FNMS we can browse to the API URL

 http://<FNMS>/ManageSoftServices/ComplianceAPIService/ComplianceAPIService.asmx,  is this function available for cloud instances of FNMS? When we try and access it we get a 401 error, not authorized.

This has been enabled in the license.

Any way of accessing this?



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Hi Manish,

FlexNet Manager Cloud Edition does not currently have a supported API (see other posts in this forum) for custom integrations while it can integrate with tools like ServiceNow or Flexera App Broker. However, there will be a set of REST API's expected to be released next year.

What is it you are trying to achieve? There might be another way of achieving this in Cloud Edition,


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@tbesse  -

As per the below community thread and response from Chris Grinton, there are FNMS Cloud APIs which we can use to access data. A customer would like to create a custom view with all fields that they have to export into a product called Symphony Summit , extract the data through API (script available in the community thread), store it in a SQL table or excel and then have them exported.

Do you think this is feasible? Any risks that you foresee?

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The main issue here is that not all of the data fields within the FNMS Console is available through the API.  In other words, it may turn out that some of the data fields that the customer wants to export from FNMS and import into Symphony Summit may not be available.

As mentioned in the other thread, you can go into the Report Builder of FNMS and create a custom view of the fields that you need.  The results of this custom view can then be accessed through the API to be exported out of FNMS.

Manish We now have REST API available for FNMS Cloud. At the moment it is available clients in North America and by Q4 2020 it will be available clients in EMEA. We will contact you when we are ready to onboard.