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FNMS Analytics Stopped Showing Data After Upgrade


We have our FNMS server which was running at 2018 R1 with Analytics 11.0.6. We have upgraded both of them to latest version (FNMS 2022 R2 and Analytics 11.0.13). After upgrade of FNMS to 2022 R2 analytics shopped showing data in dashboards. I read in some document it could be because of old version of Analytics. We did upgrade cognos to mentioned version. Still dashboards show no value in general Dashboard. However, SAP shows some data in it:


Attached are the images for the same. Need help to figure out this issue.


PS: FNMS does contain data.

Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq
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Dear Members,


Did anyone face the same? any thoughts on this please?

PS: I have checked and tested database connections, they are all working as per the attached document.

Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq
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Community Manager

I'm not sure if you ever got to the bottom of what is going on here, but if no data is visible then that suggests that data warehouse export process that should run daily to populate data may not be running successfully. You could check the status and logs from that process on the System Tasks page.

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Hi @ChrisG ,

Task seems to be executing, is there any place I can verify data in database?

Thanks & Regards,
Fawad Laiq