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FNMS 2021 R1 On-Premises


Any information on when we can expect On-Premises release FNMS 2021 R1?

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@sibusison - End of July/Early August

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Then there are only 5 Months left for the On Premises Release FNMS 2021 R2. Is a End of Life Date already planned for FlexNet Manager Suite On Premises? 😉

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FlexNet Manager Suite lifecycle dates can be found on the following page: FLEXNET MANAGER SUITE LIFECYCLE TIMELINE

The "Standard Lifecycle" phase for an on-premises release lasts 2 years, so the 2020 R2 release transitions from Standard Lifecycle to Limited Lifecycle in December 2022.

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Hi Chris,

Based on the 😁, I believe there potentially has been some irony or even a little sarcasm in the comment from @mewinger  ...