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FNMEA and FlexNetLS License Server

Hello, At a customer site we have a product (ENVI) that is setup to server licenses via a "FlexNetLS" license. The software used to utilize FlexLM but this appears to be different. We are not sure how to configure it to feed FNMEA or if it is still FlexLM under the covers. Any help, hints, or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

We are able to find the license server but the structure appears completely different than FlexLM.



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In addition to the post above, I have uncovered that the product appears to be using " Flexera Software FlexNet Embedded license server locally, to license these offline servers". Still trying to figure out how to get usage out of it.

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As far as I know, FlexNet Manager for Engineering Applications won't help with gathering or reporting on the type of usage data that comes from FlexNet Embedded.

This is on the edge of my knowledge, but for FlexNet Embedded I think usage is tracked within a Revenera product called FlexNet Operations that I expect the ENVI vendor will use. They may expose usage information to their customers in an end-user portal. I would suggest contacting the ENVI vendor for their input on what usage information they expose to you.

Here is some Revenera product documentation about usage tracking: About FlexNet Usage Management.

Here are some links to areas in the Revenera Community related to these products:

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Thanks for the insight. This is very odd because this software is installed on a disconnected/air-gapped network so if reporting back to a vendor portal for usage is what is required we are going to be left with nothing. I will contact the ENVI vendor and will update the thread. Thanks.

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