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FNM Child/Parent Beacon Issues

We are setting up a nested beacon structure for a customer. Beacon A is in one domain and beacon B is in another. I've validated that both servers have the ability to talk to each other in both directions over port 443. The beacons are set up to communicate over 443. When we test the connection on the child beacon, we get the following error.


Has anyone experienced this issue before? I had a similar issue with App Portal / FNMS integration wherein I had to force TLS 1.2 using targetframework but that did not work for this issue. Any pointers would be helpful. Additionally, where would I find a log that might shed insight on this error? I could not find any on the beacon server.


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By Level 7 Champion
Level 7 Champion

A couple of points:

1) Does the parent beacon have a certificate bound to 443 on its IIS server? (The answer needs to be yes)

2) Is the parent beacon using the IIS web server, or its own server. (It needs to be IIS).

3) Does the parent beacon have the https setting checked on the beacon console? (The answer needs to be yes)

4) On the parent beacon, is the cert a self-signed cert, or generated and signed internal to your company? Does the child beacon trust that certificate? (If not, set the CheckServerCertificate and CheckCertificateRevocation registry settings to False) (Open the browser on the child beacon and go to https://parentbeacon.domain and see if you get an error).  

5) 443 needs to be open from the child to the beacon, and the parent needs to be able to respond on a higher port. 443 does not necessarily need to be open from the parent to the child.


The beaconengine log is usually the one with the info. You might want to try turning on tracing as well.



I followed the KB article and am getting a different error now which leads me to believe the customer still has some routing issues they still need to address. Thanks for the responses.