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Excess License scenario in Flexnet Manager Suite

Dear All,

I have one concern to get clarified o regarding the scenario of the FNMS license over usage.

I have my customer whose server counts are exceeded that the purchased license count , where the workstation counts are less than allowed inventory agents .

Now if my 30 days grace period is expired due to server license over consumption , the addition / creation of new inventory device will be blocked by flexera .

This will also include the restriction in adding workstation where we have exceeded server count only (and later we have the grace period also crossed)


Please let me know your thoughts , and also share me if any license related document which we refer for such doubts.



junaid vengadan


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I think you are correct, if one of these 2 license counts (Clients/Server) is exceeded, the grace period is triggered and FNMS will limit its functionality after this. I am not aware that this specific behaviour is documented somewhere.

Best regards,


@mfranz is correct, and the behaviour is documented here:



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@jjensen @mfranz  

Thanks for your input , i have also verified the same .

the behavior is same as explained under this topic.