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Evidences are not deleted


we have an issue with evidence deletion, Evidences are not present in the staging database but present in the InstalledInsallerEvidence table. We thought that reconciliation would perform the deletion but it's not happening, what can be the reason?

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Community Manager

Some possibilities might be:

  • The inventory import process to import installed installer evidence details from your inventory source system is not running successfully
  • Installed installer evidence is being imported from some other place that you haven't checked/realized
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We found this issue in a non-Prod environment, So these records will have the same connection id as production since we refreshed the data from production, and the HP UD adapter we're running to update data as per the latest inventory has a different connection ID(as we had to create manually in test beacon).

So there is one step in the adapter where it compares the connection ID and then processes the delete. Since the connection iD is different here, it's not able to delete. Not sure if we can call it a bug or a  point to note whenever we refresh the non-prod with prod.

I assume you do the "refresh" from prod to grab all the manually created data, like licenses, linked PO's and stuff. Perhaps you can deploy a clean-up script to get rid of all data no longer connected to a ComplianceConnectionID after you do the refresh?

Yes that's what we're planning to do