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Evidence property device tab

Is there an ETA for when there will be a Device tab on evidence properties page for on premise customers (so you can see what devices have the selected evidence).  I think this is available for cloud customers.

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@kathy_allen  - You will be happy to hear that this feature is part of the 2020 R1 Release, which will be available by the end of this month.


Will there be an install for previous versions of FNMS?  We just upgraded to 2019 R2

Hi @kathy_allen ,

the features enabled as a part of a version release will not be available for older releases for on Prem versions as per my understanding.

I'm waiting for this 2020R1 release as we are in a plan to upgrade for better utilization of the newly enabled features.





You could still try a custom report. Number of potential results (if unfiltered) will be high, performance of such query is possibly bad.

2020 R1 will be bringing quite some interesting new features, maybe still worth a consideration. In-place migration shouldn't take too much time.

Best regards,