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Evidence Tab: Installer Evidence Types


Can someone please help with the following customer questions please?

“Raw evidence type - The type of imported installer evidence as retrieved from the inventorysource, for example, MSI, OUI, Uninstall.”


Could you clarify what the evidence type Uninstall means?


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The evidence type of "Uninstall" is basically coming from the Windows Add/Remove Programs.


Uninstall should refer to an uninstall string for an application found on the device. 

Should Uninstall evidence be calculating consumption?

The evidence may be used for recognition of an application being installed, and if the application has been recognized as installed, it can be used to calculate consumption.  

Kirk is correct, this relates to Add/Remove program entries.  This comes from Windows registry in the HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall key and so when imported into FNMS it is referred to as Uninstall evidence.

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