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Error downloading business adapter configuration

Hi Forum,

on prem Beacon engine log is showing the below error and what is the impact on the beacon because of this error, please suggest on how this can be addressed

Error downloading business adapter configuration

Error downloading business adapter configuration.
Flexera.SaaS.Transport.Core.ComplianceApiFatalException: Could not download item from Server returned 'Internal Server Error'
at Flexera.SaaS.Transport.Core.HttpClientBase.HandleDownloadResponse(HttpResponseMessage response, Boolean ignoreNotFound)
at Flexera.SaaS.Transport.Download.DownloadClient.DownloadItem(String itemName, String etagValue, Boolean ignoreNotFound, Dictionary`2 queryList)
at Flexera.SaaS.Transport.Download.PackageDownloader.DownloadAndExtractResource(String resourceId, String outputFolderPath, Boolean ignoreNotFound)
at Flexera.SaaS.Transport.Download.PackageDownloader.DownloadBusinessImporterBASStaticData(String configPath)
at Flexera.Beacon.Engine.Controllers.BusinessImportController.DownloadBusinessAdapterConfiguration()




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I just run into the same error. I fix it recycling the application pool, and stop and start the application pool. The error as I can see is impacting the creating of the business importer on the beacon level.