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Edition information missing for SQL Reporting & Integration services

Hi All,

We have a customer who have installed SQL Server databases on one server and its components  like reporting services and integration services on different servers. FNMS Agent is not able to pick the edition information for Reporting services and Integration services. By any chance do we have any fixes\workarounds to get the edition information for these components? If it is not possible to get the edition information, how to handle it on the licensing perspective. please suggest.


Thank you


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Hi @sasikumar_r ,

When a database is installed on the machine, we use WMI evidence to recognise the edition which is the most reliable method we have found however when the components such as Reporting Services and Integration Services are on standalone machines with no DB installed, the SQL Server installer does not add WMI evidence which means we are unable to identify it using standard methods.

We are looking into alternative methods to identify the edition but this varies from component to component from what we've seen so I can't provide an update at this point on when we will add this capability however it is something that we see as a priority.

As a result, the only method I'm aware of to handle this from a licensing perspective is to use manual allocations, I know this isn't ideal but I'm unaware of any automated alternative at this time.

Hope this helps.

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