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ESX Query tool working and vCenter Discovery & Inventory not

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we've implemented FlexNet Manager Suite 2019 R2 and are wondering, why importing all VMware vCenter hosts is working fine when using the Flexera ESX Query tool, but when we want to achieve the same with our Discovery & Inventory rule no vCenters are discovered and no inventory scan files are created. Would the Flexera ESX Query tool be capable of collecting more information then FlexNet Manager Suite in certain cases like e. g. some free version of VMware or would could be the root cause for this different behavior and is there an easy way to figure this out ?

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Hi @oqueck - Try setting the parameters in the attached screenshot if the discovery step isn't working. I wish the dependency on the network discovery scan would get removed, there's been many instances where ESXquery works fine but the beacon does not.

As far ESXQuery, I don't believe it brings in any vCenter license info so you may lose that if you decide to do the introspections outside of the beacon, however not sure if this is still the case with the latest version.

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