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Duplicate users are creating from different imports.

Hi Forum,


With one of our customer, we have observed that duplicate users are getting created.

We anticipate that, these might be because of different imports that we have configured on beacon application.

Can you please help us how can we overcome this duplicate issue and why can't flexera merge these records while importing itself.


Reshma B

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By Level 6 Flexeran
Level 6 Flexeran

Hello @MissReshmaB ,

Are the users from different sources coming from different domains?

Hello @MissReshmaB ,

Reconciliation should merge the records if the Email is same in duplicate entries

@scsharath2  Below are few observations

1. SAM account name different, email address is same, source is FNMS for both and status is active.
so if merging is happening over email, we shouldn't be seeing 2 records.


Users coming from SCCM and Active Directory merge on the basis of Domain and Account name.

Users coming from O365/M365 merge on the basis of Email and Alternate email address.

If these criteria doesn't match then it will create duplicate. To merge O365 duplicate update Alternate Email same as Email using business adapter.

Hi Atique,

Can you please lead me as to which table should the updates be done?




The recommendation is to use business adapters for these kind of updates, i.e., update the AlternateEmail attribute in this case:


For database schema documentation please refer to Database Schema: Compliance.Logic.Users Tables