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Does removing a target from automatic upgrade mean those devices will never upgrade?

I had a target of selected Unix/Windows platforms to automatic upgrade FlexNet Inventory agent on, and, when I remove those targets and say update all platforms, I get a message indicating the platform will be ignored for all future automatic upgrades.   Is this true?  It seems that having targets to test an automatic upgrade on a platform would mean that those devices in the targeted list will never work for any future automatic upgrades.

Below is text from confirmation box when you which from "Upgrade selected platforms in the selected targets" to "Upgrade selected platforms" 

Confirm platform deselection

You have removed the following platform, previously selected for automatic upgrades: Windows. This interrupts any incomplete upgrades, and ignores the platform for all future automatic upgrades. Press OK to save this change, or Cancel to reconsider.
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Community Manager

The message is suggesting that you have deselected the "Windows" platform. Is that true? Or is this platform still selected, and the message getting its wires crossed?

But to answer your specific question: if Windows is selected from the list of platforms to be automatically upgrade, then it is true that automatic upgrades on Windows will not continue to happen in the future.

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To clarify my question.

If we previously targeted a selection of devices for agent upgrade using "Upgrade selected platforms in the selected targets", then selected "Upgrade selected platforms" to get all devices.  Would the warning indicate that devices previously targeted will never auto upgrade?
The section of the warning that is concerning me is:
"and ignores the platform for all future automatic upgrades"

Hey @kevin_christens,

If I'm understanding your question correctly, you are asking that if you de-select a particular platform does that mean you can never re-select it to deploy a newer (or older) version.

Assuming I've understood correctly then you are free to de-select and re-select as often as you wish as long as the devices on a given platform are managed through policy updates, which I suspect would be the case in your situation.

This is discussed here:


Tip: Instances of FlexNet inventory agent installed on platforms that you do not select are unchanged through policy, and remain at their current installed versions, neither upgraded nor downgraded. Because non-selected platforms are completely unaffected by the current setting, you can use (and re-use) these controls to work through a scenario such as the following example: Release version X to Windows devices when the team administering Windows has completed their testing. Weeks later perhaps, when the Linux team finishes their testing, a new setting on this page authorizes version X for the Linux platform, while other platforms are unaffected