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Does Java updates constitute JDK consumption?

Hi all,

Since the ARL update #2424 on June 3, I find a number of "Java Development Kit" applications in FMNS that only have evidence containing "update" in the names. "Oracle Java Development Kit 8.0.211 Standard" is one of several examples. 

Is that really according to the Oracle licensing rules? 

Other JDK versions have more "substantial" evidence indicating that they might be possible to launch. 

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Hi, I find configuration correct, as applications are matched to corresponding installer evidences. Simple Oracle use 'Update' in their naming so this might be a bit confusing. If you will look here you will see that ‘Update XXX’ is used to distinguish different releases of Java version 8:

The Java Development Kit 8.0.x  applications have been changed to "Commercial" classification, as noted above in the updates.

How about Java Development Kit 8 Standard, Java Development Kit 9 Standard and Java Development Kit 10 Standard?  


Hi @sohbinong , as you've correctly pointed out, certain minor versions of Java 8 are commercial (namely 8.211 and 8.212) but Java 9 and 10 are technically classified as freeware but out of free support. Anyone on Java 9 and 10 is expected to upgrade to Java 11 at least.

Hi @INgrid , in the evidence details, the version is an indication of whether it's free or commercial. But you're better off checking in 'Installed applications' for the 'classification' field to check for 'freeware' or 'commercial' against the JDK.

  • JDK 1 to 7 is freeware but out of free support
  • JDK 8 is free till update 191 and Java 8 is commercial for update 211 and 212
  • JDK 9 and 10 are freeware but out of free support
  • JDK 11 and 12 are commercial

There is an ARL update coming soon to address the commercial minor versions of JDK 8 (namely 8.211 and 8.212).


Are you sure about Java 8 201/202?


Hi @mfranz, you're right, 8u201 and 8u202 do seem to be under the BCL license based on the their Java SE Releases FAQ. Have updated my earlier response.


thanks so much for this reponse, it brings some light, but i am still slightly confused on how to create a Java license in Flx and which applications i should add to track compliance.


@laura_galindo You should be able to create a device-based license and select just the versions of Oracle Java that are classified as 'Commercial'. Some customers even choose to track both free and commercial installs so they get an idea of overall consumption.