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Does FlexNet Manager Suite and the Agent use Java?

Hi All, We saw FlexNet Manager Suite use Java. Does Flexera provide Java stack or do we need to install Java stack? Does the Flexera agent use Java also? Thanks!
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By Level 5 Flexeran
Level 5 Flexeran
You do not need to install Java for any part of the FNMS Implementation. I'm not aware of ANY Java dependencies. It MAY be installed as part of the Oracle Client in the event that your implementation needs to remotely query Oracle Databases (rather than utilizing the FlexNet Inventory Agent\Scanner) to for Oracle database Inventory.
Thanks Dawn. We are compiling Java Usage Report and found Flexera (FNMS) servers and all servers have agent installed are running Java. We would like to know if Java is required on these servers?
FlexNet Manager Suite is predominantly a .NET application. Please check the release notes to ensure that you have the required version of the .NET Framework for the version of FlexNet Manager Suite that you’re installing. Please note, this is only necessary for server-side installations (i.e. FNMS application server and FlexNet Beacon(s)). There is no dependency on either .NET or Java when it comes to the FlexNet Inventory Agent. As @DAWN states, the only Java requirement would be where you might be performing remote execution procedures against the Oracle database estate from a FlexNet Beacon. That process requires the Oracle ODAC to be installed.
Thanks a lot!

Flexera Analytics (Cognos) is java based, but it is bundled with the install.

Otherwise as everyone else noted, the core FNMS components (app server, beacons, agents) do not use java.