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Disable agent component FlexeraDockerMon

In our FNMS environment, we currently don't have the inventory option "Enable detection of Docker and running inventory agent inside Docker containers" enabled. 

On systems with agent installations, we have noticed that there is a service running called Flexera Inventory Docker Monitor (FlexeraDockerMon). Is there a way to disable this component on all/specific installations of the agent (for example, we may not want the service to run on workstations)?

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This question was covered in another thread: Disable docker service or remove from installation 

Apologies, I didn't see the other thread. Thank you for your response!

Do you happen to know the commands to remove this service on Ubuntu?

 I asked the engineering team, and there doesn't seem to be a similar command for Linux to remove the Docker monitor.

You can disable container inventory in the UI, please refer to Container Scanning 



Thanks for asking the engineering team John.  This is a bit problematic as we are currently working through the implementation of the full kubernetes agent in our 20'ish Docker clusters.  Therefore we don't want to simply disable container inventory in the UI. 

There is a line in the kubernetes agent implementation documentation that states "NOTE: Worker nodes that already have the FlexNet Inventory Agent installed should have the Docker monitor service disabled to avoid double counting of containers."  Our worker nodes are Ubuntu and I don't know how to disable the Docker monitor service but keep the Flexera Inventory Agent functional on them.  I'll create a case for this issue.

@darren_haehnel - can you point to where you saw the comment "Worker nodes that already have the FlexNet Inventory Agent installed should have the Docker monitor service disabled to avoid double counting of containers"? I am trying to find the document that says this, but have been unsuccessful so far.

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Hi @ChrisG  - The concern is pointed out here Gathering FlexNet Inventory FlexNet Manager Suite 2022 R2 - Two FlexNet Kubernetes Agents ( under the "Restriction" highlighted section.  I'm still looking for the location where I found the text I quoted earlier.

If it's still a requirement, I believe the right thing to do in our case is stop and disable the fnms-docker-monitor service on any Ubuntu worker nodes using the following commands:

sudo systemctl stop fnms-docker-monitor

sudo /lib/systemd/systemd-sysv-install disable fnms-docker-monitor

I'm not yet sure how we will accomplish this for new worker node builds upon provisioning time but we are working on it.