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Different scheduling frequency for desktops and servers

I don't think there is a way, but I wanted to check.  Is there a way to schedule the agents such that we can set different schedulings.  For eg.  I might want to schedule one set of desktops for Thursday, and the other set of Desktops for Friday.  or I would like to schedule servers for one weekday and desktops for another weekday.   Let me know if there is a way. 

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As of today, this option is not available as FlexNet Manager has a single inventory schedule for all agents.

This is something that Flexera is looking at for our customers to provide additional flexibility in obtaining inventory from deployed agents.  For example, wanting to get more frequent inventory from Desktops than from Servers.


By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


@rwiltshire had proposed such functionality here. Maybe you could give his posting kudos to express your support.

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