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Device Status vs Asset Status

Hello, I have a question about Status.  In FlexNet Management Suite (cloud) when I look at All Inventory, there is an Asset Status for each computer that appears to be different from the Device Status that I see when I look at license consumption under a license's properties.  Is there a way to sync Device Status so that it matches Asset Status?  We had an integration built for us that takes a report from ServiceNow and updates the Asset Status field and I want that to carry into consumption so that when I look at license use I can see if a laptop was stolen or dispo'd.  Thank you for any insights you have, I am new at integrations!

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Hi jdalton2,

In FNMS, the status of an Inventory that is linked to an Asset will be defined by the status of the asset. The status of Inventories that are linked to an Asset can only be changed by changing the status of the Asset. If an Inventory is linked to an Asset, the field 'Status' on the Inventory will become read-only.

There is a direct mapping of the Asset status - default values are 'In storage', 'Installed', 'Purchased', 'Disposed', 'Retired' and 'Other' - to the two most relevant status value for an Inventory visible in the FNMS Web UI ('Active' and 'Ignored').

If the Asset status is either 'Disposed' or 'Retired', the status of the Inventory linked to the Asset will automatically be set to 'Ignored'.

More detailed information about the mapping of status values can be found in the FNMS Online Help on the properties visible on the "General Tab" of an Asset. On this page in the help system, you find information on the 'Status' property of the Asset and how the value of this property is being mapped to the status of any Inventory that is linked to the Asset.


Thank you for the insights, I very much appreciate the help.  I have looked through my configuration and can indeed validate that the Status for the Inventory is read only when it is linked to an Asset.  The Status for the Asset is set from a job that converts a ServiceNow status to an FNMS status.  However, the two (Inventory and Asset Status in FNMS) do not match.  I have attached an image of a side by side comparison.  Even in the situation where Disposed or Retired should automatically set to Ignored, that is not happening in my system, the math doesn't add up.  

The numbers indicate that you have a large number of Hardware Assets that do not exist within FNMS as an Inventory Device.  This means that FNMS has not received any inventory for these devices (from the FlexNet Agent or from 3rd-part inventory sources).

If you navigate to Hardware Assets -> Device Assets without Inventory, this view should provide more details on this scenario.

Ok...I had a little over 2000 assets without inventory so I deleted them.  I will let the scheduled jobs run and see how it looks after that.  Thank you.