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Deleting users from production environment

Hi... I will ask to have some help on a solution that I need to implement for an user. I'm having duplicated user account within user FNMS environment from O365. One of the proposed solutions is to manually delete the users that are coming from O365, the users can be identify because they are showing the email address. The idea is that once we delete that user, the business adapter will run and merge the accounts and assign all of the Enterprise Groups to the users. We can't do this in UAT, is there any reason we shouldn't be doing this in PROD? also, is there any user data/history we would lose if we delete an account in production and it doesn’t get merged?
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I forgot to mentioned that we tried this solution in UAT and it worked. Unfortunately we have some users that appear differently (FullName it's displaying as account name) and we can't test those in UAT. So I will like to know the risks to try this out in prod.

Hi Carlos.

The only reason the O365 adapter creates new accounts is because the on prem accounts have not been enriched with their email addresses.  So if you correct that - which is what I think you mean by merge - then the O365 adapter will not need to create new accounts.

The risk with deleting any user account is to how the user account has been allocated responsibilities in contracts, assets or inventory ownership, or Named user licenses.  It is likely that the O365 users have only been allocated to the O365 licenses and nothing else, as they do not occur on your network.  You will need to review this to validate the risk of removal

@Nico_Erasmus .. thank you so much for your help on this ...