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Custom export data from FNMS to ServiceNow


Can we customize the export process from FNMS to ServiceNow?

We've implemented the ServiceNow (SNow) Integration. There're some columns of hardware inventory we don't want to show on ServiceNow. How can we do that?



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Did you try to modify the transform maps to leave out these unwanted inventory attributes?


Hi @JohnSorensenDK ,

Thanks for your information.

We have more questions about the Inventory export process: Does FNMS only export the records with active status to ServiceNow? Or both active and ignore will be included?

I see the default maximum number of records of each data type mentioned in the document are:

  • Hardware inventory: 10,000,000
  • Contracts: 500,000
  • Installed applications: 10,000,000.

Can we increase the number of records above the default? What is the limit number?

Warm regards.