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Creation of a report with licenses that are consuming the devices of a Corporate Unit

Dear all,


Maybe this is a silly question, and I believe the answer has to be really easy but I'm making myself crazy to find out.    Does someone know how to structure/create (which fields I should add first and second into the custom report) to get a report of all the licenses consumed by all the devices of a specific Corporate Unit?

When I try to get similar reports, I can get all the licenses installed in inventory devices but figures like license consumed it gives me the total number of the license but not the specific licenses consumed by each device reported.

Regards and thanks in advanced.

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Hi @ruben_mate ,

i would start with Installations where you have the Inventory Device. Then add the object license linked to that inventory device.

I understand that you have then 2 options: add a column (Corporate structure or cost center) linked to device or linked to a license. I guess the first makes more sence.

Hope it helps.

Kind regards,



By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


If you're running FNMS on prem, there should be a way using some SQL.

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