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Creating a view from list of assets in FNMS On Prem

I'd like to be able to create a view from a list of assets. Is there a way to do it? I know about the Advanced Filter but, it seems that I would have to put assets in one by one. I'd like to do it for a longer list. Anyone have a solution for this?

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There is not an easy way to do this, unless your assets have similar names and you can use a "Begins With" or "Contains".

The other approach is to filter on a common attribute for all the assets, such as Location or Business Unit.

You could create a custom "Category" value and then use a Business Adapter to assign that category value to your list of assets.  Then you can add the Category as a column in the view and filter on that.

Thanks for the quick reply! It’s been awhile since I’ve used FNMS. I was hoping by now there would have been an feature improvement to make a view based on a list of assets. In some scenarios the first 2 solutions could work. I don’t see any of them being a practical option for a situation where some says: hey, tell me xyz about this list of 50 random assets. In the old days of managing SCCM were was a simple script that could take a list from a TXT file and create a collection. Wish it were that simple 😊.

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Hi @danadaugherty ,

If you have an on premise implementation you can extract directly from sql database, from table asset the information you need.


select * from asset where ShortDescription in ('asset1','asset2')

or if you need also information regarding location, corp unit, etc, you can use the view AssetExtended 


Thanks! That could be helpful.

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Dana Daugherty, PMP | Asset Management Specialist Advisor | U.S. Public Sector |