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Consumption not calculating for IBM PVU when manually adding servers

Hi, I am still new to FNMS and learning how the system works. I have  a license configured for IBM DB2 Advanced Enterprise Server and the servers that were automatically detected have consumption being calculated.

I manually allocated two more servers that I am aware of and they show as having the product installed under the same install/file evidence but for some reason they simply won't update the consumption.

Is there anything I am missing? What should I be checking as they look the same to me?

Many thanks.

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The IBM PVU license consumption calculation relies on peak usage data by definition. PVU consumption related raw data can be collected either by ILMT or by using the Flexera agent.

In any case, you must historical consumption data available for your servers to allow for  calculation of peak usage data. If you manually assign a license with PVU metric to additional computers, you have to:

  1. Make sure that conditions for PVU usage calculation are met. The agents running on these computers have to learn (via download of the policy) that these computers are linked to a license with PVU metric now.
  2. Make sure that FNMS is configured correctly for PVU licensing. This will allow Flexera agents and VMware scanning to run every 30 minutes as required by IBM

Only after agents running on all servers linked to a license with PVU metric have downloaded the PVU settings, they will start collecting IBM PVU related consumption data and will be doing the frequent hardware scanning required by IBM.

You have to be patient and wait for the agents running on the two computers that have been linked to the PVU license recently to pick up the new information. Give them some time to collect and upload PVU related consumption data. Once these agents have collected PVU data for a reasonable amount of time you will see peak consumption data.

Once peak consumption data are available for your servers, PVU consumption will be calculated for servers that have been manually allocated to a PVU metric license, too.