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Computers out of Internal Network not using VPN either

Hello everyone,

So, with the COVID pandemic crisis a lot of our customers are working from home. And, considering that many of them nowadays will use M365 and SaaS application, mostly will not connect to a VPN to work.

Now, I've set a public beacon which is working and receiving inventories, but, I am a little bit confused.

How would an agent that was Installed normally and only have the Internal Beacons on its policy would be able to receive a new policy showing a new public available Beacon?

To be clear, although the agent should report to a Beacon, there is any kind of communication between the Agent and the Application Server so the agent would be able to download a new policy?

For now I just created a new Agent Package with a Bootstrap file that points the Public Available Beacon and told the customer to use that one.

This is a scenario for a FNMS Cloud Customer. Thanks!

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Re: Computers out of Internal Network not using VPN either

Hi Leonardo,

Normally you would register additional beacons to your platform and from there the information would "flow" back to all beacons and then to all agents.

I think, you're on the right track. As these clients are at home, not connected to a VPN, they have no chance of fetching any updates. So a new deployment package is the way to go.

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