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Computers out of Internal Network not using VPN either

Hello everyone,

So, with the COVID pandemic crisis a lot of our customers are working from home. And, considering that many of them nowadays will use M365 and SaaS application, mostly will not connect to a VPN to work.

Now, I've set a public beacon which is working and receiving inventories, but, I am a little bit confused.

How would an agent that was Installed normally and only have the Internal Beacons on its policy would be able to receive a new policy showing a new public available Beacon?

To be clear, although the agent should report to a Beacon, there is any kind of communication between the Agent and the Application Server so the agent would be able to download a new policy?

For now I just created a new Agent Package with a Bootstrap file that points the Public Available Beacon and told the customer to use that one.

This is a scenario for a FNMS Cloud Customer. Thanks!

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Hi Leonardo,

Normally you would register additional beacons to your platform and from there the information would "flow" back to all beacons and then to all agents.

I think, you're on the right track. As these clients are at home, not connected to a VPN, they have no chance of fetching any updates. So a new deployment package is the way to go.

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