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Computer roles possible Flexera bug

Hi Community,

I wanted to highlight you a possible bug when you import the computer roles via Business Adapter.

I imported server roles from our CMDB (SNOW), every thing was ok but we observed that some oracle servers are missing from licensing, when we check there where development, validation, etc servers. After investigating this issue with Flexera support team, we found out the following:

You can import more roles as the standard ones defined by Flexera

If you check the table compliancecomputerrole there you will find your roles and the filed ManageLicenses with status true or false (1 or 0) , by default the new roles that you import will be disabled 

This is ok, but here come the bug, when you go to license properties and go the use rights & rules ,  you will see all the roles there, whit no check mark, like they are active, and this is very misleading, as you see that they are active and should consume license and in consumption tab, and on server tab you see nothing.

Would be nice if in application you would have a option to manage the existing roles, activate, deactivate, change name, etc. And also if a role is disabled it should be not appear in the use rights & rules tab.


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Hi Adrian.

You will note in the UsingFlexNetBusinessAdapters documentation, that the role you import must match a value in the ComplianceComputerRole table.   These roles are not only shown against each device, but affect license exemption rules on the "use rights & rules" tab of every license.

It is for just this reason, that new roles created do not affect license consumption.  

It is best practice to normalise your organisational roles to match FNMS as the FNMS roles apply a standardised understanding of concepts.  Too many customers have multiple flavours of dev/test and DR scenarios - thse need to be matche dto teh FNMS and hence vendor standards for roles and hence exemptions.

Ideally this table (ComplianceComputerRole) should not be update-able by customers in order to avoid confusion.

Hi @Nico_Erasmus 

I understand that we should use the standard roles, but why the business adapter let us create new roles, also why this new roles are visible in WebUI when they are disabled in database. This the bug, as is very misleading.

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