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Common Installer Evidence for Trimble 'Sketchup 2017' and 'Sketchup Make 2017' causing false positive results.


Both 'Sketchup 2017' and 'Sketchup Make 2017'  have the following Installer Evidence, causing false positive installs for 'Sketchup Make 2017' 

Name                      Version          Publisher
SketchUp 2017      17.%             Trimble%

Hope ARL team can fix this, as 'Sketchup Make 2017' is a freeware, meant for personal, non-commercial and education purpose, can not be installed in a commercial 


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Thanks for your reply.  I have created an internal ticket for investigation to review the discovered data and have that designated correctly to 'Sketchup 2017' and 'Sketchup Make 2017'.  The classification Commercial/Freeware will be set respectively 

Hi @nalinih ,


Sketchup is currently available in three editions: Shop, Pro and Studio. There was a free edition named Make available for sometime. Perhaps, there is no way of differentiating the editions through evidence as the add/remove entry or installer evidence does not contain any edition info.  

So, as per the standard rules, all the Sketchup applications(where edition info is not available in evidence) have been classified as commercial and edition is set to 'Unspecified'.

 Need to make make changes locally as required.