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Collecting Active Directory information in another domain

Flexera suggested that you deploy your Inventory Beacon in the same domain as your client, but my client do not allow it. My question is: Will I be able to collect the AD information for client if the Inventory Beacon is not in the same domain as my client.
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Community Manager
A beacon should be able to gather data from any Active Directory domain as long as:
  • The beacon has network connectivity to the LDAP port on a domain controller from the target domain; and
  • Credentials of a user with appropriate read access to perform LDAP queries to extract data from the domain are recorded in the domain connection details in the beacon UI.
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    Hi Chris,

    For importing data, i must use "User" (screenshoot attached) for data integration?

    if i mentioned just the windows account of the server, all the data will be imported?

    for information it's a portail ldap that contain information users.

    Thank you for your help.


    If the network allows a connection from the beacon server to the LDAP Server (domain controller) and you have a service account in the domain, there are two options:

    a) Data collection: Active Directory
    b) Data collection: Business Importer
    - Template: User
    - Type: Directory Service
    - Login, Password, LDAP Path
    and you can use filter, e.g. (&(ObjectCategory=Person)(c=GI))
    --> You can use option b) when the template provide the fields which you need.

    For a simple test, you can use every user account of the domain,
    but strongly recommend use a service account for daily tasks.