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Collect FlexNet Inventory Agent logs and send to FNMS

Product enhancement.

In addition to sending off the .ndi and .disco files to the beacon servers, could the FlexNet Inventory Agent be enhanced to send its .log files as well? This would help speed up things like troubleshooting Oracle Database introspection using the full agent install. One could look in 1 location vs needing to manually collect log files from potentially thousands of machines. Installation.log, policy.log, tracker.log, etc.

(2) Replies

@kyle_wolff , thanks for the suggestion.

This is something that we are interested in implementing in FNMS.  We looked at this request (uploading log files from beacons and agents) last year, but we needed to focus on implementing targeting/scheduling capabilities first.  That work is in progress and we will make sure we keep your requirement in mind once targeting and scheduling is available in the product.

Regarding Oracle Transparency specifically, we are currently working on delivering this as a product capability.  We expect it to be available in June/July time frame in our Cloud environment and this fall in the next on-premise release (you can read more about release in my release frequency blog post).

This feature will be delivered using a hybrid-approach, with on-premise installations contacting our "Oracle Transparency" service, which will then analyze data and produce usage evidence information.

@dgalecki  This is great news! Thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to this!