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Cognos Row limit in flexnet Manager

On prem solution: executing a sql query in Cognos for a report.  Got an error: The number of rows retrieved for the user who has the identity '{, , Everyone, All Authenticated Users}' exceeds the limit of 5000.

I reviewed my cognos configuration on the server and cant find that setting.  My research shows I have to set the governor and of course the instructions say "go into catalog under user settings". what catalog are they talking about?  

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In case you are trying to use Cognos for building reports based on custom SQL queries, you should be aware of the following limitation:

The Cognos installation and license that comes with FlexNet Manager Suite can only be used with the provided FlexNet Manager Suite data model packages (sources).

The FlexNet Manager Suite license does not cover using Cognos for other purposes.

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I'm not sure how that helps.  I'm running an sql query against the FNMSCompliance DB and if I have 100,000 assets I can only sql query 5000?  The question remains. where do I adjust the Governor?


You may want to refer to IBM Cognos community threads on this topic or Cognos documentation like 


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