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Cognos Analytics authentication

Install Cognos Analytics. It did not create a Analytics menu item on the adman server. When I click on Cognos Reporting it takes me to a log in page for Cognos Analytics. FlexNet authentication is pointing to the itself and not the admin server. 

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I would suggest trying the following...

  • Make sure to configure your analytics server under Admin --> System Configuration --> Reporting
  • Make sure you configure your Admin user with to Web Administrator under Reporting --> Report Designer --> Assign Cognos Roles and assign other users to Analytics User

Log out and log back in to test.  If those don't work, I would suggest you submit a Case to our technical support team since something else might have gone wrong with your installation.

Bill Ferring
Principal Consultant: Flexera One - FNMS - FNMforSAP - FNMEA - SVM/SVR - SaaS Manager