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Citrix XenApp Connector - Users are getting imported as workstation in Asset

I have configured XenApp Citrix connector for 6.5 XenApp server on the beacon, have executed it but some users are imported as assets in FNMS. I could see these users as workstation in Asset table, could observed "(Remote)" appended in the name of asset.

This is really the issue why these assets are begin generated if they are not really the assets but have users of Active directory.

Can someone assist me to understand ad fix this issue.


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By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


These remote devices are created as ComplianceComputer, but are not listed under "All Inventory". Instead they are listed under "Remote Devices".


I can only guess that you have some kind of automatic asset generation in place, perhaps a business import? You'll have to exclude remote devices from it (ComplianceComputerTypeID).

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When FlexNet Manager imports the ACL information from XenApp, you have a list of Users and which Application each user has access to.  This information needs to be imported into FNMS.

For each User in the ACL List, FNMS will attempt to find an existing "active" Inventory Device for that user.  If one is found, the list of XenApp applications that they have access to is then added to the inventory device with an access mode of "XenApp" - as opposed to "Local".

If an active Inventory Device for the user is not found, then a new Remote Device is created, assigned to that user and the list of XenApp applications that they user has access to is added to the inventory device with an access mode of "XenApp".

Note that Remote Devices are not counted against your FlexNet Manager license.

Thank you for your update on this issue.

I would like to share information, after I executed import for source "XenApp Citrix Server agent", I could see 68 devices in "Remote Devices" option in UI, at the same time I could see there are 1900 + assets got generated with asset type "Workstation" which are not really workstation but have AD's users and these 1900+ asset are not present in "Remote Devices" option.

The 68 assets that are present in "Remote Devices" option are really computers also they are present in both ComplianceComputer and Asset tables with ComplianceComputerTypeID = 4. I am good with these devices.

There are around 1900+ devices that are present in Asset with type = Workstation, and they are not really computers, they are AD users but created as asset, they are present in Asset but not in ComplianceComputer. I am having concern with such devices, why they assets are created for these devices?

My question is how to handle such devices ( 1900+ who are not really computers) during XenApp connector import, where exactly I need to change to stop getting generating such devices in Asset.

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@SandeepKolhe  - There is no built-in functionality within FlexNet Manager to automatically create Hardware Assets. 

If Hardware Assets are being created as you describe, then there must be a Business Adapter somewhere that is automatically creating Hardware Assets from your Device Inventory.  That would be where a change is needed to prevent these types of assets from being created.

The asset history offers a first clue, if it is an adapter, then the name of the corresponding step is also displayed here (Created By / Last Updated By)

Best, Dennis

Thank you all for your information!

Yes I found that, we have database procedure to create hardware asset, so we need to review that SP once in order to do the changes to skip such asset generation.

Thanks once again!


Best regards,

Sandeep Kolhe

We are still facing issues related to Invalid "Remote Devices", first due to automatic asset generation was enabled, invalid assets were getting generated into Asset table, now before import/reconciliation, we have disabled auto asset generation which fixed the issue of invalid asset generation but these invalid assets are in "Remote Device" tab now.

We could see some devices in "Remote Devices" tab which are not really devices but they are users (like "ademorae (Remote)"), not sure why they are creating as remote devices whereas they are not really devices, they are like AD users.

Can you please help to understand me about these invalid remote devices, is it possible to skip such invalid devices or no need to skip it.

Please find attached screen shot for for these invalid remote devices.

Best regards,

Sandeep Kolhe


this is a build in feature by Flexera FNMS, please check the latest FNMS Help about "Remote Devices"


You cannot create a remote device through the user interface. FlexNet Manager Suite analyzes the remote application access data with user details. If it finds a user that has accessed a remote application but has no hardware device associated with it, FlexNet Manager Suite creates a remote device. 


As soon any of these "Remote users" can be linked to an inventory the remote devices will be removed and the application access is linked to the users inventory device.

Hope this answer will help you. Best, Dennis

I configured Citrix XenApp connector in our DEV environment and check how data comes, before configuration of this connector, inventory from all Remote devices were present as FNMS Inventory agent was running on the devices, when I executed it, I observed many application got unlinked and only few (1 or 2) applications are present for the device which is not correct as there are many applications are running on the device but why the connector showing only 1 or 2 applications, I could see in the history many application got unlinked.

Also I have another questions, currently we are getting inventory in our PROD environment (without configuration of Citrix XenApp connector) from FNMS Inventory agent and we are getting all information from the devices which we require, so what would be new things we will get after XenApp connection get configured? what benefit we would get through the XenApp connector?


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Please refer to the intro to the XenApp Server Adapter section  in the Inventory Adapters and Connectors Reference. It explains the purpose and also what's required to ensure evidence is properly mapped to gain the benefits.