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Citrix Hypervisor (Formerly called XenServer)

My question is about Citrix Hypervisor (not Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop), as I have a customer that is trying to get VM guest to Citrix host mapping information into FNMS. Is there a automated way to do this other than doing it through a spreadsheet upload?


Is there a similar scan we can do on a Citrix VM host (through FNMS discovery & inventory rules) like we do for vCenters or standalone ESXi hosts?

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Today, FlexNet Manager does not have any productized method/support to capture Citrix Hypervisor/XenServer Host-2-VM mapping. 

As you have indicated, the best way to accomplish this today is with a spreadsheet upload.

By Level 17 Champion
Level 17 Champion


I tested this a while ago (years), unfortunately without success. There is an API the XenCenter uses to manage XenServers. I was hoping to get host details and Host-VM-relationship data from the API. Back then I found the API to focus on creating VMs, starting, stopping, etc., but no Host details.

There are some promising things now:

Maybe it's worth starting a new try.

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