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Citrix AppLayering consumption

With Citrix replacing it's streaming product with AppLayering, how are you measuring this new data source?

It behaves like App-V 4.6 but no backend database, stores the authorization data in JSON files. There is no launch or usage data available from AppLayering.


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It also gets more complicated as well if elastic layers are being used. You could have an App layer that is dynamically being inserted into your image after a user logs into the machine.

It will be interesting to see what kind of data is available to be obtained from Citrix Enterprise Layer Manager and see if that data can be used to feed it into FNMS for license entitlement calculations.

Hi Brad,

If limited to User or Named user license types, AD group membership can control. To bad I cannot assign an AD group to a license to configure consumption. Of course the add/remove programs entry will never be available so metering is still out but consumption could be calculated.