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Change Management Dashboard Default view?

Hallo community,

our customer is use "FlexeNet Manager Suite 2020 R1". In this version you can change the view of the Management Dashboard, and save the new view as a template.

It is possible to set this new template view as the default view for all user, without each user having to load this new view individually?

So, that they not see the "standard Flexeara Management Dashboard view" but the template view? 



Jens Altner

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Jens, the Management Dashboard is customized at a User level.  If a new Template has been created that you want all users to have as the default, each user must change their Dashboard View to that new template.

Hi kclausen,


gives there a way to do this automaticly or must every user load the new tamplate manually ?


Greetings Jens

I am not aware of a way to change the "default" dashboard each user sees when they log into FNMS.  That is controlled by each individual user. 

If a user does not want to use the Default Dashboard that is provided with FNMS, then the user has the option to select a different template as their default, or they can create their own.  

Hi kclausen,

Is there no directory in which the "default Dashboard Template" is stored, which can then be replaced?

The background is that our customer does not want to display the standard Flexera tiles here because he does not consider them to be so meaningful but wants to display his own widgets from Analytics, but does not want to expect the individual user to have to set it all up themselves.


Greetings Jens