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Capturing license information for IBM File Net Content Manager

hello, we want to capture information for the below publisher and products

DO you know if this is a custom adapter to be created?

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@nandinisapru - IBM FileNet can be licensed with various metrics.  For example, each FileNet Server can be licensed via PVU and therefore FlexNet Manager would have full automation to support that.

But it can also be licensed by usage, such as the total amount of data that is being managed (in TB).  This can either be licensed via the total number of TB in storage, but it can also be licensed via RVU (Resource Value Unit).  In this case, FlexNet will create the license with an RVU metric and the correct RVU Point table, as long as your Purchase Record has the correct IBM Part Number.  In either case, you would create a Custom Metric and you must manually update the "Consumption" of the license by going into the FileNet Console/Usage Reporting and enter the amount of TB of data under management.  For the RVU, FNMS would apply the RVU Point Table to the raw TB Number to calculate consumption.

For FNMS Cloud, a Business Adapter cannot be used to update the consumption of a Custom Metric License.  Your only option is to manually enter the consumption.

If you have FNMS On-Premises, a Business Adapter can be used by using native SQL scripts.  You can view the following Community Post on this topic:


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Keep in mind, to create the license you need the proper SKU for the purchase of the metric have and then add the maintenance with the proper metric SKU as well. (There is a separate reinstatement SKU per each metric type as well).


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